Quilting Embroidery Machines Series
Quilting Embroidery Machines Series
Independent locking needle series CD_D_1
High speed locking needle fission machine CD_G_2
High speed sequin embroidery series CD_GJ_3
Double needle bar high speed embroidery machine series CD_G_4
High speed sequin embroidery series CD_GJ_5
High speed locking needle fission machine CD_G_2
Main motor: 3.0KW servo motor
\X-\Y Drive motor: 1.5KW imported servo motor group
X drive trip
Rotary hook: big rotary hook
Rotary hook working speed: max 800 r/m
Lubrication: cycled 
Power input: Three phase 380V/4.5kw
High speed locking needle fission machine£º
This machine divides feed system into two independent parts, which can separately precede two 1.6 meters wide fabric. The machine use independent needle bar drive and new head with locking needle, retain all functions and features of independent needle bar drive models.
Separate feeding system makes the rolling rod group has higher strength, not easy to deformation, the gap between the rolling stick more uniform.
To ensure that the material clamping more balanced
The pattern is made more precision and stability
It avoids long cloth stick sometimes sandwiched fabric tightness is not a result of pattern aliasing

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