Embroidery series
The multi-head embroidery series
Sequin embroidery machine series
Mixture embroidery machine series
Towel embroidery machine
Computerized tufting embroidery machine
Computerized laser embroidery machine
Caps and T-shirt embroidery machine
Quilting Embroidery Machines Series
Computerized laser embroidery machine

Laser systems and embroidery machine integrated design, beautiful shape, firm structure.
Creative computer embroidery, high-speed laser cutting engraving com., cutting precision, efficiency increases.
Can be embroidered, trimming, punching, applique, engraved, carved and stratified cutting and embroidery on the various components of the fabric, infinite creativity.
Greatly enriched the embroidery process, greatly enhancing the level of products and added value.
Servo motor, high quality lenses and dynamic focusing system configuration, ensure the high speed machining, high quality.
The series of QJY-624-30-A (for a single embroidery machine), QJY-648-30-A (applicable to two embroidery machines) and QJY-696-30-A (applicable to four embroidery machines) in three versions, not subject to restriction of the number of embroidery machine head, a set of laser System, more cost-effective.

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