Embroidery series
The multi-head embroidery series
Sequin embroidery machine series
Mixture embroidery machine series
Towel embroidery machine
Computerized tufting embroidery machine
Computerized laser embroidery machine
Caps and T-shirt embroidery machine
Quilting Embroidery Machines Series
Towel embroidery machine
1.It really integrates flat embroiery together with sequin embroidery,towel embroidery, and chain embroidery,Which acts an outstanding representative for mechanic and electric integration.
2.It can make mutual conversion manually and automatically between flat embroidery and sequin embroidery,towel embroidery and chain embroidery,thus capable of producing beautiful mixed embroidery designs.
3.Towel embroidery and chain embroidery can automatically change their color (6 colors),the height of the automatic thread cutting needle can be adjusted and locking head operation can be made for special embroidery.

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